Portrait Sketches


Digital Media Video Final

I used music by my friend, Yung Oedipus, to make a kind of artsy music videos snippet.  This video was inspired by Quinten Jones’ video “Miley” featuring Miley Cyrus.  I used the photo lab to film me doing really weird things, and then cut them in a way that would tell a kind of “warrior princess” story.  I used sexual/seductive poses combined with the violent poses to represent power women have both sexually and physically.  This was a really fun project and I will definitely use the video skills I’ve learned to make more videos.

Postcard returned

I received my postcard back from a person in the other class and it was not how I expected at all. I’m not quite sure of their exact methods. It seems that they cut parts of the body parts out and glued them onto the background.. And then cut up the background and then rearranged it… I’m not sure. But it was a very interesting and creative way to tackle what I thought was a straight forward instruction.

In Class Video

I picked Sue’s name out of the box, so I used her videos to make a 1 minute video using premier.  Many of her videos had to do with making copies, so I decided to make a semi abstract video about how technology helps us make things in multiples.  I used the computer screen as an overall symbol of technology that multiplies everything.  I used the mirror effect as well as changing the colors of many clips.

Digital Media Final Proposal

For my final, I would like to make a video inspired by “Miley” by Quentin Jones.

I will use myself as a model and the photolab to create a studio environment.  I will use filters and play with speeding and slowing down the video as well as some photoshop techniques used for stop animation.  I’m not sure what I’ll use for the music yet, but I will talk to some of my friends who make music and ask if I can use some of theirs.

Digital Media 5×5

For my artistic process I chose to use the adobe premier video editor as a form of art.  This digital media class shows us to think of digital art as fine art, so I wanted to explore that through the inception of technology related videos.

Digital Media: Animated Gif


For my animated gif, I used the painting Venus of Urbino where Venus is posing peacefully on a bed.  Since Venus is the god of love and passion, she’s got to know a little something-or-other about what happens when people in love get passionate.  With that being said, I show what Venus is really up to during these long poses for mortal painters.  Only her wrist moves, as she has to be careful not to wake the sleeping puppy she shares a bed with.  Shh, don’t tell… what happens in Urbino, stays in Urbino.

Digital Media propaganda

My propaganda poster ended up being TOTALLY different than my original idea.  I ended up getting inspired by some extravagant stories told to me by one of the figure models personal life. His ex wife’s new boyfriend runs a fetish club and his children call him “Daddy Dan”, so I did a semi negative take  on fetish clubs showing that all men would want to ditch their wives for a hot naked girl.  It is meant to be satirical and saying that men are not completely controlled by sexuality and women should give them more credit.


Digital Media Propaganda Proposal

For my propaganda poster I want to do a satirical take on an anti-transgender ad that was posted in the Star Tribune.  Since transgender people are looked down upon as second class citizens, I think that it is important for me, since I have the unspoken privilege of identifying with my assigned gender, to speak up for my transgender brothers and sister in the community.  People are very ignorant to this subject, so it is definitely important for me to show the relevance of all people in art.


Digital Media Identity

sollisch_identity sollisch_identity2 sollisch_identity3 sollisch_identity4

This project is about identity and how we interpret it.  In my project I did a take on labels and how they effect or don’t effect your identity.  In these 4 panels I show some unfortunate pictures of my face combined with exaggerated hair to give a caricature-like comical view of myself.  I added the award stickers to make them more relatable to others because almost everyone has had others label you in a way that doesn’t exactly fit.  In these panels, the images are framed which gives them a precious feeling and means that the person who was labeled is owning this label even though they might feel that it is not true.