Alternative materials self portrait


This is my favorite project we’ve had in this class!! I really liked messing around with all the stuff I chose to use.  I used soy sauce, coffee, pomegranate juice, 2 different kinds of mio drink, frosting and breath strips.  I found that if I left the materials out to dry that as the water evaporated the substances became more pigmented and easier to work with.  I only started over once, and I went about the second time very strategically with layers.  I used illustration board since all of my materials were wet and I didnt want to disrupt the surface of the paper.  The background looks a little bit wonky, but I really liked that I decided to include some of Luke’s plants that are sitting all around the studio.  I think I did a pretty good job with this project and it was really exciting to see what everyone else did for theirs.


Speaking of alternative materials….here’s some sketchbook pages of mine..

ImageI wiped clay onto paper with my finger and let it dry, then I used a pencil to scrape it off.



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