Action/Reaction Movement/Transformation


I was not particularly inspired by this assignment.. but I think I managed to get pretty into it.  My favorite drawing from this set is the tin foil hand because there were so many planes with contrast that I could include the detail of.  I also really enjoyed doing the whipped cream drawing..mostly because I got to eat whipped cream.  I don’t really like the scissor drawing because I feel like I did not plan it out in a way that was fitting to what I was trying to accomplish.  The drawing of books was also pretty fun to do because I got a little tired of drawing hands over and over.  I also like the overlap of the drawings and how certain lines come forward and others blend together.

Speaking of movement and transformation… here are some pages from my sketchbook…Image


I drew these at one of my sister’s softball games.  I watched her warm up and drew her in motion.  It was pretty difficult, but it was fun to draw quickly and watch the repetitive motions.



Oddly enough, these two pages are from a visit to the strip club.  A friend of mine had a party at one and I decided to bring my sketchbook…kind of like figure drawing, right?  They all moved very quickly and were really interested in what i was doing.  It was a little weird, but it was a good time and a fun drawing experience.


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